What time is your first time on internet?

1,The first time for me? When i were in high middle school,from 1999 to 2003,internet arrived at our town. It was hard for most families to buy a computer except very rich the place we could go is internet bar. The computers were very simple but it was much enough for us.we use the chat tool ‘ICQ’ to have a text talk with other unknew people from unknew places.Everything is attr
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This is what you should know before you run an internet cafe business

As the internet is widely used in thousands of families, the programs of making money based on the internet emerge endlessly. Running internet café business is one of it. As everyone knows, the industry of internet café business also gradually develop along with the progress of the internet. Internet café is not only a place to play PC games, surf the internet; but also a place to relax. This new
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