What time is your first time on internet?

1,The first time for me?

When i were in high middle school,from 1999 to 2003,internet arrived at our town. It was hard for most families to buy a computer except very rich the place we could go is internet bar.

The computers were very simple but it was much enough for us.we use the chat tool ‘ICQ’ to have a text talk with other unknew people from unknew places.Everything is attrictive for people to visit the information on the internet.Later,people began to play computer online games such like Star Craft 1.08,Counter Strike 1.5,as a high school student,playing computer games is the most often for me to do in internet.Many people like to find Pen friend via internet,some of then build ‘lover’ relationship but never met.

2,How much RMB internet bar cost per hour?

At the beginning,internet bar is a very few thing at that time,my parents made money via a factory,the cost of internet bar is 3.00 rmb per hour,it was expensive for me,also for most of people.As the internet is so attrictive that many of my classmates were immersed in it.They run away from class and spent almost of their money on the internet bar.

3,How about the internet bar looked like?

It was expensive to buy 10-12 computers,so the internet bar owner limited other expenses like space,internet cafe tables and chairs etc. i ‘d like to upload a picture as following:



timg (1)

How much internet bar changes !


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